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The Light House Café is always busy, but these are a few of the things going on this month!

We honor all of our Veterans that have given their lives in the service fighting for our freedom here in America. We invite you to join us in remembering them on this Memorial Day.

Meet Mr. Roosevelt Jones, 87 years young, and Mr. Claude Seymore, 91 years young. These two men are dedicated volunteers at the Light House Café. Mr. Roosevelt volunteers Monday through Friday; he is our Mr. Fixit, keeping small problems fixed. He also takes the dish towels home to wash them. Mr. Seymor volunteers Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Mr. Seymore has never met a stranger! He is friendly and kind-hearted, and he talks with everyone that comes into The Light House Café. He also offers to pray for them. Mr. Seymore serves lunch and everyone that comes though the line has a good word, or a smile for him. We are thankful to have these two Christian men as volunteers at The Light House Café.

This month we welcomed Caroline Villanueva from Florida Crystals to visit The Light House Café, and it was a pleasure to share our Ministry with her. It has been a busy and blessed month at The Light House Café.

Some of the meals on our menu this month included:

Baked Ham, Great Northern Beans, Salad, Bread, Applesauce, and Apple Juice.

Beef Stew, Rice, Green Beans, Cornbread, and Orange Juice.

Be sure to come and visit us when you can. Feel free to contact me to set up a date and time.


Martha Lynn Weeks

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