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Thanksgiving was barely over, and it seemed as if we were already preparing for Christmas. Then, on December 3rd Debra Allen and I attended the Great Charity Challenge drawing. Over 300 charities applied to participate in the drawing. It seemed like it was going to be a long shot for us to be drawn, but sure enough, the Light House Cafe was pulled on the 18th draw! 


As an organization in the 2017 Great Charity Challenge, The Light House Cafe will be assigned a sponsor and a three-person equestrian team that will compete on February 4th.  Depending on where our team places in a field of 34, we can be awarded as much a $150,000 and nothing less than $15,000! God truly continues to bless us with support!


Over the holidays, we had several visitors.  Representatives from the Walter and Adi Blum Foundation and also from A. Duda and Sons all came to express their interest and tour the Light House Café and Ella’s Closet. We were very grateful for their company!


The hard working Light House Cafe volunteers enjoyed a Christmas Party at my home on December 15th! Dr. Robert Rease gave an inspirational message that we all enjoyed, and Ibriham and Janice Alava captured some excellent photographs from the gathering. Many thanks go out to Jimmy Elrod for his help with the meal!


Another order of gratitude goes out to everyone who donated items for the hygiene gift bags. At the Light House Cafe Christmas dinner on December 22nd, we served 227 meals that we each accompanied by a gift bag! It was a beautiful day! Watching the joy fill the room was utterly priceless! We would love for your to visit and learn first-hand about the work God is doing in The Light House Cafe.


For the New Year, we will continue to seek God’s guidance in following the direction He has planned for us. As always, please keep us in your prayers.    

Love and Blessings,


Martha Lynn Weeks 

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