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Hello, Everyone!

We began the month of June by being invited to go to First Baptist Church of West Palm Beach to see if we could use any of the serving counters that they wanted to donate. They were like new, and we got enough to replace our old counter! These really add to the newly remodeled dining room!

June the 12th was the beginning of Christ Fellowship’s Student Week, and one of their outreach activities is to cook lunch on the ramp, then and fellowship with all comers. Since we don’t cook at the LHC during this week, this was the perfect opportunity to start the remodel of the kitchen and the dry storage space! We also were able to have some of the students from Student Week help us move all the food from the dry storage, which was a real blessing. In addition, the students also made bagged lunches to pass out to our patrons. We thank Pastor Steve Nolin for allowing us to use Jamison Hall to make the many sandwiches for these lunches!

Thus far, we have updated the plumbing, electric, and air conditioning, as well as took down the old drop ceiling. The walls and ceiling were scraped and then pressure cleaned to get off the many layers of old paint. Then, the ceiling and walls were patched and painted in both rooms. The plumbing was completed with new spigots and rinse sprayers on both sinks. New lighting has also made both rooms so much brighter! Very importantly, the new air-conditioner in the storage room will make us compliant with Feeding South Florida rules for dry and canned food storage. Plus, the air conditioner in the kitchen will make it comfortable to cook this summer! We also have a new window! The fresh air return was added to our exhaust system, so the exhaust will not draw the cool air from the dining room. Last, but not least, we have a gorgeous new tiled floor.

On the final day of June, we were almost finished! The workmen are just wrapping up a few things here and there, and we are hoping to have our new stoves delivered soon and everything back in place by the end of the summer! Throughout all of the amazing renovations, Ms. Jan continues her Bible class on Wednesdays, and we are planning to start a Movie of the Month Event with an uplifting movie and snacks. The LHC continues to be blessed each and every day. Please continue to keep the Lighthouse Cafe and its volunteers in your prayers!

Come and see us soon!

Love and Blessings,



Martha Lynn Weeks 




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