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March has been a very busy and productive month! On March 3rd, the demolition of the old walk-in freezer and refrigerator began, and just four days later, it was already completed! This then paved the way for the new pilings and the slab that are now ready to receive the new walk-in freezer and refrigerator. The small store room and bathroom were also cleared out, and the remodeling of those areas has now commenced! Soon, these spaces will be transformed into a bathroom for our hard-working volunteers, and a laundry room with a washer and dryer to be able to clean the dish towel and aprons in-house. Up until this point, we have been incredibly blessed to have  Mr. Roosevelt take them home regularly to wash them for us.
In addition, the sink in the kitchen was also moved, which opened up the surrounding area to allow for a more of convenient use of the space. At this same time, the old pipes were also replaced in order to allow the water to flow more efficiently. Even through all of our construction ups and downs, we have still managed to successfully continue feeding our people!
Each of the people that we serve have their own unique story and not a day passes that they do not need our love, compassion, and guidance. While some days they are more open to receiving it than others, one thing remains consistent – we cannot ever give up hope on their progress. This was reminded to us during the month of March when a gentleman we know well was released from jail and came to the Light House Cafe in search of community service hours. He was living in an abandoned building and had nowhere else to go. After a conversation derived from “tough love”, our team was able to bring awareness to the repeating cycle he had continued to fall into, and he agreed to enter a drug-rehab program. While we all are aware that the battle with drug addiction is very challenging, we ask that you please keep him in your prayers and that he finds the strength and power to transform his situation and break his addiction.
To wrap up this month’s newsletter, we are blessed to have the opportunity to serve God’s people each and every day. Just in the month of March alone, we served 2,191 lunches, 758 breakfasts, and 1,635 snacks for the children at the Life Center, and all during the remodeling! This is clearly God, and we cannot even imagine the capabilities He has planned for us as we wrap up the remodeling and are able to serve at an even larger capacity!

As always, keep us in your prayers, and we would love for you to come see us!


Love and Blessings,



Martha Lynn Weeks 





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