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I started off September on vacation, and I’m proud to say that the dedicated volunteers did a wonderful job of running the Light House Cafe while I was away.  I had a great vacation, but was very happy to get back to The Light House Cafe


On September 21, The Light House Cafe was visited by the Enterprise Business and Community Engagement Team from Bank of America. Paul and I were pleased to give them the history of The Light House Cafe, and a tour of both The Light House and Ella’s Closet. Then, on Friday, September 23rd we were visited by Rose and Jennifer who presented us with a  donation. We were incredibly grateful! Thank you!


Many years ago, The Light House Cafe received an old refrigerator donated by U.S. Sugar. On September 27th, we realized that our now very old refrigerator had stopped cooling. Although we have another refrigerator, it is not large enough to hold the amount of refrigerated goods we need to keep in stock. With this taking place, it is even more important that we raise the funds for our Capital Improvement, which includes the costs for a walk-in refrigerator and freezer. We are truly grateful for all those who have already donated, and will continue to pray that God will provide a way for us to fulfill our needs in order to keep our light shining bright!


On September 24, we celebrated Mr. Claude Seymore’s 92nd Birthday. For those of you who do not know Mr. Seymore, he is an amazing Christian man that volunteers with us three days a week. We love him and are so proud to have him as a volunteer for so many years.


In October, we will begin welcoming the youth group from Belvedere Baptist Church. It is always a blessing to have helping hands and the company of people with a heart for the Lord. 


As always, please keep The Light House Cafe in your prayers.


Love and Blessings,


Martha Lynn Weeks 

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