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Top Photo Credit: September 11, 2017. (Allen Eyestone / The Palm Beach Post)




Hello, Everyone!

Like all of us across Florida, we started the month of September by keeping an eye on the latest track of Hurricane Irma! As it began to look more and more like we were going to be impacted by her landfall, we diligently made our hurricane preparations. During the weekend of the 9th, we lost our electricity. By Tuesday, we were able to return to the Lighthouse Cafe safely, and although, it was hot and dark we were happy to serve breakfast for our patrons and see that many of them were safe. RC Hatton quickly arrived with a generator to help us keep our walk-in coolers running. We continued to serve breakfast for the rest of the week, and many remarkable organizations came out to support our community by serving lunch to the many people impacted by the storm. Thankfully, we got our electricity back on Thursday! We were very fortunate that we did not have any damage and also did not lose any of our food!


On September 21st, we celebrated our 25th Anniversary in ministry by hosting an open house event for the donors and those involved with our remodeling projects. It was such a pleasure to be able to spend time with everyone who made this blessing possible and reveal the beautiful, improved Lighthouse Cafe! Even though September may have started off a little rough for many of us, we had an excellent turnout for this joyful occasion, which was ultimately a perfect way to wrap up the month!


As always, I can’t say enough about the amazing people that support the Lighthouse Cafe and our mission. We have such incredible and dedicated volunteers, that in our eyes, are the best in the world! Thank you for your prayers and make sure you come out and see us soon!

Love and Blessings,



Martha Lynn Weeks 


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