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After enjoying some time off during the Christmas and New Years holidays, we returned to the Light House Cafe ready for a new year of working hard to serve the Lord. The month of January has been a time of cleaning, tidying up, and organizing; all of which was much needed after a very busy holiday season!


Not only have we been focused on getting the Lighthouse Cafe off to a strong start this new year, but we have also helped several people improve their living arrangements. There were a few individuals that we walked through finding a better place to live by assisting them in the application process to be approved to move into a safer apartment community. Then, for another individual, we helped them to restore their water and electricity. Each of these opportunities were a blessing to be a part of, and we are grateful to be able to provide assistance and resources to help them get through tough times in their lives.


Last, but certainly not least, we would like to send a special thank you the H.E. Hill Foundation for the donation of pork and beef, and also to our loving and supportive community for the contribution of blankets and jackets. These provisions came just in time to fulfill a genuine need. Conclusively, it is because of each of you that we continue to cook and serve: a hot breakfast (893 for January 2018), a hot lunch (1,272 for January 2018), plates for the sick and shut-in (660 for January 2018), and provide snacks for The Life Center Children’s program (1,200 for January 2018)!


We are beyond thankful for this incredible opportunity to serve.


With Love,


Martha Lynn Weeks