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April began with an amazing cooking demonstration by Chef Paula Kendrick. She delivered a delicious presentation and meal to the cafe using gleaming lettuces, radishes, and cabbages! This fantastic event was coordinated by Melanie Mason, Food Recovery Specialist with the Florida Department of Agriculture. It was such a blessing to have this service and meal provided to us, as well as our five volunteers from Palm Beach State College who were also visiting us that day! With hurricane season right around the corner, another exciting event kicked off the month of April… the electricians from Grid One began the work needed to install the generator to power our freezer and refrigerator in a power outage!


On April 10th, I had the privilege to speak at the Rotary Club luncheon to share the progress of the Lighthouse Cafe and Ella’s Closet. We are so thankful for the continued support of the Rotarians. Then, the next day, I attended a workshop at the Quantum Foundation to learn more about the legal requirements and proper accounting for non-profits. The comprehensive information they provided was indeed beneficial, especially since things change fairly often.


April the 19th we held an appreciation dinner for our dedicated, loyal, and amazing volunteers! We presented each of them with a certificate of appreciation and a Walmart gift card. A few of the notable mentions were, Sister Etha Jones who has volunteered the longest – with twenty-one years of service, and Lamont McNeal, our newest volunteer with one year of service! We are so thankful and blessed by the service of our volunteers, both to the Lord and the Light House Cafe!


Then, on April 20th, Debra Allen and I attended The Sweet Corn Exchange luncheon where we each briefly spoke about the Light House Cafe and Ella’s Closet. We were very grateful to have also received a donation from the Sweet Corn Exchange! We genuinely thank this wonderful group of people for their generosity and support of the Light House Cafe and Ella’s Closet. On the 25th, I returned to the Quantum Foundation for a workshop about “Dental Services in Palm Beach County.” This educational seminar provided useful information; as well as an excellent opportunity to network and acquire valuable contacts.


For several months, we have been trying to help a client currently living in poor conditions transition to the assisted living facility Quiet Waters. Finally, this month, we received word that she was accepted! Pete Rolle and I got her all moved in, and she is so delighted to now be living at Quiet Waters! To share one more praise report for this month, we were also able to complete the process for another client to begin receiving dialysis! The paperwork involved with this type of service can be very daunting, so we were thankful that we could help her and she is undergoing the treatment she needs.


As you can see, April was a busy, productive month! We look forward to the same throughout May! Thank you for your continued interest and support of the Light House Cafe; we couldn’t do it without you!


God Bless,


Martha Lynn Weeks