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On June 7th, we celebrated the graduation for our “Cooking Matters” class. The participants learned a lot about healthy cooking and also had an enjoyable time. The next day kicked off the beginning of Christ Fellowship’s “Student Week.” The students came to the LHC to serve breakfast and also deliver over 30 meals to the “sick and shut-in.” They were all so friendly and interactive with our patrons! During the week, they also came to have fellowship and play games with the moms of Ella’s Closet and their children. This year’s “Student Week” ended on June 16th, and once again it was amazing to see so many faithful young people serving our Lord. We are also thankful for the generosity of Christ Fellowship in donating the unused food from “Student Week” to us; our walk-in freezer is blessedly full.

Mid-June, we attended the “Feeding South Florida Annual Hope Conference,” where we learned about new and valuable services offered, as well as renewed our annual contract to continue receiving food from them for another year. We are very fortunate for the services and provisions from the Feeding South Florida food bank!

On June 18th, “Collaborate” began, which is a program organized by First Baptist Church that brings together multiple youth groups to join in serving across the Glades communities. That same week, we were “doubly-blessed” by another group of students who came to serve from Chiefland Community United Methodist Church! This group of hard-working youth and adults arrived at 7:30 am to help prepare and serve breakfast, clean up after, and then volunteer at the Life Center! The group from “Collaborate” arrived the same day at 9:30 am and jumped right in to prepare lunch; they were so accommodating with whatever needed to be done! All of us at the LHC are very thankful and impressed with all of the young people and adults that came to serve; we are so grateful for their help.

On June 26th, a patron came to me asking for help getting into a drug rehabilitation program. I immediately contacted the person that I knew could help make this happen, and by the end of the day, he was on his way to a program! I’m so appreciative to all those that helped make this happen. Please keep Terrell in your prayers. Rehab is difficult, and he will certainly need our prayers to help him through. 

Lastly, the final piece of the LHC total transformation, new flooring for the dining room, has begun! Upon receiving the donation of funding for this project, we placed the order for new tile back in May, and we have been anticipating the delivery! On June 27th, the tile arrived, and installation began! We are hoping to have it completed by July 5th, but it is already looking amazing!

June was another blessed month at the LHC! Whether we are helping people get into rehab, assisting them in finding better housing, teaching them how to prepare affordable healthy meals, connecting them to proper medical care, or serving them tasty hot meals… the most important thing we do at the LHC is just treat each person with love and respect!

It is such a blessing to be able to serve God’s people as He would have us do. Thank you all for your continued support, donations, and prayers; we couldn’t do it with you!


God Bless,


Martha Lynn Weeks