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I pray this update finds everyone well. The Light House Café continues to serve take-out meals only. During the month of May, we served 1,248 breakfasts and 3,909 lunches. Breakfast meals increased by 65 additional meals served compared to May 2019, as well as a significant increase in lunches with 1,126 additional meals served. For the month of June, we served 1,159 breakfast and 2,147 lunches. Our breakfast numbers were up 135 meals in comparison to June of last year. Christ Fellowship served lunch at the Ramp several days in May and June, which was a big help! In addition, they covered lunches for us while we were closed for a much-needed break for our team June 29 – July 3rd.

With the dining room currently unoccupied, we recently took the opportunity to paint the walls, as well as replace the ceiling tiles and paint the walls in the office. We also added chair rail on the west side to prevent people from sliding their chairs against the wall and chipping the paint. We are very thankful for the generous donation of paint from Yaron. Then, on May 26th, Pete and I picked up a donation of 500 pounds of rice and 250 pounds of sugar from Florida Crystals! We are so appreciative of this incredible donation.

In May, we applied for the USFP Cares Grant, and we will also be applying for the 2020-2021 Quantum Foundation Grant, which is due near the end of July. We are also applying for the Lost Tree Foundation Grant to raise funds for a new air-conditioner in the dining room. Unfortunately, it recently broke. The condenser is from 1999, and the air handler is from 2006. We have received a quote from Glades Gas and are hoping to get that fixed very soon. Recently, we also held a staff and volunteer lunch meeting to go over the Civil Rights information to ensure compliance with the guidelines from Feeding South Florida.

As always, please keep us in your prayers! We are praying that we can soon get back to serving meals inside the dining room! Thank you for your continued support!

God Bless,

Martha Lynn Weeks