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As summer comes to a close, and we look back to reflect on the last few months, we are so grateful for the continued support of our community and the dedication of our volunteers.

Our summer kicked off with Christ Fellowship’s Student Week! Every year, we are blessed by these amazing young people who come to Belle Glade to serve our community and do the Lord’s work. Throughout this week, the Light House Café served breakfast, and the students cooked lunch just down the street from the café. Not only did these students prepare and serve lunch, but they fellowshipped with the people who came to eat and also delivered lunch to sick and shut-in individuals. This is a heartfelt sight to witness, and the community is truly blessed by the work these students do. In addition, the students donated the remaining unused food and supplies to us at the close of the week, which we greatly appreciated.

Following Christ Fellowship’s Student Week, we happily welcomed students from Collaborate. Collaborate is a local missions opportunity where students and adults from around the nation come together at the First Baptist Church to fellowship and serve within the community. Each day, eight students and two leaders came to volunteer with us. They were hard workers and a pleasure to work among.

On June 27th, we welcomed the directors of the Walter & Adi Blum Foundation, Marg Murphy and Sandra E. Gambill, for a site visit. These wonderful ladies were very interested in learning about the Light House Café and Ella’s Closet. We were thankful for their desire to see what we do and hear about ways they can help us continue to make a difference throughout the community.

We started off July with a delicious Fourth of July meal consisting of BBQ Pork, Baked Beans, Coleslaw, and Ice Cream for dessert. Everyone enjoyed this traditional meal and celebration of Independence Day! The remainder of July was relatively quiet around the community as many people traveled to Georgia for seasonal farming work. During this brief time, our dedicated staff and volunteers were thankful to be able to take a few days off to spend time with their families.

In August, we welcomed back those who had traveled north for work, as well as increased our servings of healthy snacks for the students returning to the after-school program at the Life Center. We also had a visit from Herb Weary with the Palm Beach County Homeless Outreach Team (HOT) who came to connect with several of our patrons that are homeless. Their program is founded on the belief that one of the most effective ways of determining what programs and services are most needed by homeless people is to ask them. One-to-one chats are conducted by a group known as the Homeless Outreach Team (HOT). The friendly discussions begin with simply founding out how the individual is doing and then being a listening ear. This allows them to build trust and a rapport with someone who has the best interest and ability to help them. Nothing is forced; it is always the person’s choice whether he or she wishes to take advantage of public assistance. During this initial visit by Herb and his team, they were able to meet with eight people. We look forward to them coming back again to meet with more people.

To conclude summer, during June, July, and August, we served a total of 3,496 breakfasts, 8,297 lunches, and 3,289 healthy snacks for the children in the Life Center programs!

We thank each of you for your ongoing support and love. We could not do what we do without our faithful community partners and generous donors. As always, we ask that you keep us in your prayers.

God Bless,


Martha Lynn Weeks