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July has been a busy and very productive month. We continued putting Ella’s Closet back together it is beautiful. The number of people we are serving has recently increased with many of the individuals who had left to work in Georgia now returning. Tandra has been able to help several of the people that were involved in the bus wreck that caught fire replace their ID’s, Social Security cards, and insurance cards. This was truly a tragedy, and we continue to pray for the families that were affected.

On July 13th, we arrived at the LHC and didn’t have electricity. We had apparently overloaded our electrical service. Denny Deaton sent one of his electricians to check it out.  It was determined that we would need to replace our electric hot-water heater with a gas one. We are in the process of doing this and hope to have it completed this week. One whole day without electricity was challenging, but with our gas stoves, we still feed 60 people breakfast and 125 lunches.

Last week, we started making some improvements to my office and will continue working on that in the coming week. In our public restroom, we have a shower that has been out of service for a while. However, it is now repaired and ready to be used by any person that is homeless and doesn’t have a place to shower. What we need are bath towels and wash cloths,  if you have extras that you would donate we would greatly appreciate them. (They do not have to be new)  You can contact me at, or my cell is 561-993-7020. We have plenty of soap and shampoo.

As always, please keep the Light House Cafe in your prayers. We would love for you to come out and see us so we can share with you the wonderful things happening at The Light House Cafe.

Love and Blessings,


Martha Lynn Weeks

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